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+LDAPRoleExtender - Caches: View Cached Users
+ Description
+ This view shows the cache of currently authenticated users.
+ Elements
+ 'Purge All caches' -- This will purge all caches inside the LDAPRoleExtender.
+ This includes the cache of currently authenticated users, the log and any cached
+ username lists.
+ 'Cached users' -- These are the users in the cache of currently
+ authenticated users. Anonymous users will not show up in this view.
+ Every time an authenticated user makes a request to Zope,
+ the username and password are verified. Depending on site traffic
+ and number of users that log in through the LDAPRoleExtender this
+ process can happen several times a second. Since a lookup on the
+ LDAP Server can be quite slow, the product will cache the user
+ information for 10 minutes. This is the duration of a typical session.